You're Why - NavyArmy Community Credit Union


You’re the reason we do what we do. You, our members, are the driving factor behind every decision we make.


That “why” is what keeps you motivated—from supporting a family to paying tuition to purchasing that new car. It’s everyone’s unique story.

But whatever it is:

It matters. To us.

We live in Port Aransas, and when Harvey hit, it hit us hard. We own three restaurants out here. Not to mention my wife was pregnant with our first child. It wrecked our lives.

NavyArmy was in our corner. They helped us make sense of things.

Rebuilding is our “why”. NavyArmy is our “how”.

It hasn’t been easy, but I was the first in my family to graduate high school, and get an associates’ degree. NOW, at 40, I have 3 kids, working on my bachelor’s, and paying for my daughter’s college tuition. Family is my “why”. NavyArmy is my “how”.

Your Why

Every morning I open my eyes I realize how fortunate I am to be a father and to have the opportunity to provide for my family, that is what drives me every day. Thank you Navy Army for allowing me to share my story.
– Arnold G

You're Why

We miss Texas after losing our house to Harvey. We want to buy another house in Texas, and of course use Navy Army for our financing. What a great institution with an incredible staff!
– David M

You're Why - NavyArmy Community Credit Union

My motivation is my son. I put myself through college and ended up with so much debt, I hope that I can help my son so that doesn’t happen to him. I want him to enjoy college and not stress about money.
– Courtney M

You're Why

I switched to NavyArmy because of the Liberty Checking interest rates. When it comes to saving, every little bit helps and I was able to get more back each month. Over time, I’ve been able to pay off debt and travel more! It’s been a dream come true.
– Rebecca M

You're Why - NavyArmy Community Credit Union