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Tel-R-Line - NavyArmy Community Credit Union in Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande Valley, Texas

eBanking over your phone. Call 361-986-4555 or 800-622-3641.

You can perform transactions two ways:

  1. Speak to the operator- When speaking to the operator, be sure to speak clearly and slowly so that the system can understand.
  2. or punch in the codes via a touch-tone phone
Follow these Steps

  1. Dial 361-986-4555 or 800-622-3641
  2. After the prompt you can say “Account information” or press 1
    or “Merchant services” or press 2.
  3. After the prompt either say your account number or enter it by punching the keys of a touch-tone phone followed by “#.”
  4. The prompt will say “What is your PIN” (Your PIN is your Personal Identification Number.) Say your PIN or enter your PIN followed by “#.”
  5. The prompt will then ask you to input your transaction code and give you instructions to complete your transactions.

Choose from the following:

  • “Account Balance” or press 1
  • “Account History” or press 2
  • “Transfer funds” or press 3
  • “Withdraw funds” or press 4
  • “Checks cleared” or press 5
  • “Other transactions” or press 9

Account Suffix

The Tel-R-Line voice prompt will ask you to identify your account by Suffix. The list below identifies your accounts by suffix.

  • 0# Share Account (savings)
  • 2# Share Draft Account (checking)
  • 6# Money Market Account
  • 7# IRA Account
  • Loan and Certificate suffixes are defined on quarterly statement.