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Debit Cards

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All NavyArmy checking accounts come with a MasterCard®-backed debit card. Purchases are automatically deducted from your checking account and itemized in your monthly statement. You may use your debit card wherever MasterCard® is accepted.
Use your debit card to access cash at countless ATMs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Be sure to sign up for NavyArmy Rewards and earn points just for using your debit card.

Debit Card Management with CardValet

CardValet is a secure mobile app that helps you manage spending, protect yourself from fraud, and review all transactions. Download the app from Google Play or the App Store and follow the simple steps to link your card. Then turn the card on to get started.

App Features

  • Turn your card(s) on and off
  • Set controls for spending limits, types of merchants, and geographic locations
  • Get alerts when your card is used and meets or exceeds controls you’ve set
  • Get alerts on attempted and declined transactions
  • Access real time balances for your accounts
  • Location-based controls to restrict card usage with merchants within range of your location
Learn More: Read the overview on Fiserv’s website
Visit the CardValet website CardValet is a registered trademark of Fiserv, Inc. or its affiliates.

Activate CardLost CardFraud AlertsFAQs
Activate a Debit Card
When opening a new NavyArmy checking account, members will receive a debit card, which can be used at participating ATMs. To activate your new debit card the cardholder must call from the phone number on file. If you would like to activate it immediately, you will need to activate by performing a PIN based transaction (balance inquiry/withdrawal at an ATM). In order to activate your NavyArmy debit card please call 1-800-992-3808.
Call us immediately if your card is lost or stolen:
Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm 1-800-622-3631
Weekends or after 5pm CST 1-800-472-3272

Your card will be deactivated immediately. Come by any branch and we will instantly issue you a new card. The charge for a replacement card is $5.

Should NavyArmy be alerted by a third party that your card has been compromised we may determine to issue new debit cards at our expense.

Protecting our members from fraud is a top priority for NavyArmy Community Credit Union. To give our members additional card security, we have partnered with EnFact, an industry-leading Fraud Alert Service, which continuously monitors your MasterCard® Debit Card activity to help identify and prevent fraudulent transactions on your account.

If suspicious charges appear on your card, we will attempt to contact you first by SMS text. A text message will be sent from 37268 (opt-in required.)

The text message alert will state the following, “NACCU Fraud Alert: Did you attempt transaction on debit card ending 0000 at Merchant in State for $Dollar Amount? YES or NO.” If you reply back with NO you are indicating that this is an unauthorized charge and a temporary hold may be placed on your card, contact NavyArmy immediately. If you reply with a YES no further action is needed. The text will be valid for 72 hours. If you do not respond to the text within 15 minutes,  we will attempt to contact you via phone by an automated messaging service. The automated message will be sent to phone numbers on file through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to confirm the charges. The message will contain the case number that has been created. You will need this information in order to confirm the charges. We will also send an email to the email address on file.

The phone contact attempt is through IVR from 1-800-279-2674. Please return the call as soon as possible. The call back number is 1-877-253-8964.

To verify your identity, you may be asked to enter your telephone number and enter the last four digits of your social security number. You will then be prompted to confirm if recent transactions are legitimate. You will never be asked to provide your full social security number, debit card number, account number, or PIN.

If there is no response to the IVR, then we will wait approximately one hour and then repeat the sequence. If we are unable to reach you using text or IVR, then a letter will be sent via U.S. mail.

At any time during this verification process, your card may be temporarily blocked to prevent any fraudulent activity. The block will be removed once we are able to confirm with you that the charges are legitimate.

Can I receive an ATM card for my Savings account?
We do not offer ATM cards, however we can open a Checking account with a debit card providing ATM access to both Savings and Checking accounts.

Can I have one debit card for multiple accounts?”
No. A debit card is linked to only one checking account.

I lost my debit card. What do I do?”
Immediately call 1-800-622-3631 to report the card lost or stolen.
Weekends or after 5pm CST 1-800-472-3272

What is the number I need to call to activate my debit card?
1-800-992-3808 (Must call from phone number on file.)

What is the age to be eligible for a debit card?
A member must be 16 years of age to be eligible to receive a debit card.

I see charges on my debit card that I did not do. What do I do?
Please see a member service representative to dispute the transactions.

What number do I call back to verify charges?
You will call EnFact at 1-877-253-8964 for English and 1-877-273-5901 for Spanish.

Who is calling me from 1-800-279-2674 or sending a SMS Text from 20733?
Enfact our Fraud Monitoring System, it is important that you respond.

How do I opt-in to text message fraud alerts?
To enroll, please respond “YES” to the initial enrollment request text message.

Who will be contacted on the account?
The cardholder will be contacted at the number on file.