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NavyArmy Rewards

Use Your Debit Card To Earn FREE Rewards

Your best interests are always “top of mind” at NavyArmy Community Credit Union. Every day, we look for ways to offer increased benefits, without increasing charges and fees. With that in mind, NavyArmy offers our Rewards program – an opportunity for you to earn points just for using your debit card.*

Earn Points – Redeem For Rewards!

Do you have a NavyArmy Basic or Flag checking account with a debit card? Just use your debit card for purchase transactions, either signature-based or PIN-based. Every three months – in March, June, September, and December – qualifying members will receive their rewards points either via mailed certificate or an automatic eDeposit. The certificate/deposit will include all the rewards points the member earned within the preceding three-month period. You can choose to redeem points right away, or accrue points and accumulate them toward a gift in a higher-point category.

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NavyArmy Rewards How To:

Managing points
  • Remember, the points accumulate and are credited to one certificate at the account level or automatically deposited into your Basic or Flag checking account. Two debit cards on one account = one aggregate certificate or deposit.
  • You can accumulate points for up to 2 years, especially if you want to redeem rewards for a more valuable gift. At the end of two years, points expire in the order they were earned. That means you don’t lose everything, only those expiring at that time.
  • Points can be transferred. For example, if a church needs a new TV for the youth, members can pool their rewards points toward the purchase of one item.
Redeeming certificates
  • Order a gift at any time with accumulated points.
  • The gift is shipped in a bright yellow box and usually arrives within one week.
  • The shipment can be tracked online.
  • There are NO shipping and/or handling charges.

NavyArmy Rewards FAQs:

How do I set up eDeposit for my rewards?
Existing Rewards Account Members: Once you log in, go to “My Account.” On that screen you’ll find an eDeposit section where you can link your Rewards account with your Basic or Flag checking account.

New Rewards Account Members: You will be prompted during login to set up eDeposit.

Does it matter if it’s a signature-based or PIN-based purchase?
No. One point is awarded for every $100 spent with a signature transaction and one-half of a point is awarded for every $100 spent with a PIN transaction.
What if there are two debit cards on the same checking account – do they both count?
We look at the transactions at the checking account level. That means that the transactions made on each card are accumulated toward one reward certificate.
Do ATM transactions count?
No, only purchase transactions count for NavyArmy Rewards.
What if you have a NavyArmy Basic or Flag checking account, but you don’t have a debit card?
Just call or visit any NavyArmy office. A member service representative can assist you.
What if you have questions?
  • The Rewards website provides you with information and resources. That’s also where you enter your certificate numbers and redeem your rewards if you do not setup automatic deposits.
  • If you need additional support, please call the program support number at 910-202-3386 (this is not a toll-free number).
  • Please contact us at this email address: customerservice@NavyArmyCCURewards.com

*The member must have a NavyArmy Basic or Flag Checking to qualify for Rewards. The checking account must be in good standing and qualify for a debit card to be eligible for the Rewards program. Liberty Checking accounts do not qualify for the Rewards Program. Rewards in program valued from 100 to 100,000 points. Rewards subject to change without notice and may be terminated at any time. Points valid for 2 years from date of issuance. Points awarded per checking account. *For ongoing card purchases – one point is awarded for every $100 spent with a signature transaction and one-half of a point is awarded for every $100 spent with a PIN transaction. Points awarded in relation to dollars spent subject to change without notice. For ongoing card purchases only. Reward points may vary by retailer. See website for specific program terms. Qualifying transactions for special offers must clear your account no later than the offer expiration date. © 2014 Velocity Solutions.