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Make a Statement - NavyArmy Community Credit Union in Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande Valley, Texas

Fight for financial freedom
Why bank with a credit union? The real question is, “Why stick with a big bank that knows you by your account number instead of your name?” Unlike banks, credit unions like NavyArmy Community Credit Union work for YOU and offer more personable financial services because our members are number one! We give profits back to our members through lower loan rates, an interest earning checking account, and ATM refunds through Liberty Checking.

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Money Lovers Unite - Loans

Home & Auto Loans

Loan Experts, trained in the art of fighting for your right to a great rate

  • Look at your home. Look at your vehicle.
  • Decide it’s time for an upgrade.
  • Enlist a NavyArmy Loan Expert
  • Watch us fight for a great rate for you (we love this part).
  • Get the home or vehicle that you want
  • Save money
  • Throw a victory party with saved money
Auto Loans Home Loans
Wave those ATM Fees Goodbye

ATM Fee Refunds

How to Free Yourself from ATM Fees:

  • Open a Libery Checking Account
  • Meet the easy cheesy monthly qualifications
  • Use any ATM
  • Pay the dumb fee
  • Wait & watch us take back that fee & put it in your account
  • Laugh at other banks LOLZ
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Sweet Land of Liberty Checking

FREE Liberty Checking

Pay for a Checking Account? How About No!
Perks of Liberty Checking:

  • ATM Fee Refunds
  • Earn money back in the form of interest
  • Easy Peasy Monthly Qualfications
  • It’s 100% free!
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Mobile Banking App

Adulting has now gone mobile
Your Smart Phone = Closest Bank Branch

  • Download our user-friendly app
  • Deposit old school paper checks
  • Pay bills like a boss
  • Make transfers in seconds
  • Check account balances in line at the store
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