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Samsung Pay™ - NavyArmy Community Credit Union in Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande Valley, Texas

samsung pay
About Samsung Pay™: Get ready to celebrate because Samsung Pay™ is now available for your NavyArmy debit card! This efficient mobile payment service offers members like you a secure and safe way to make purchases with your debit card using your phone! Samsung Pay™ can be used almost anywhere.

How to Set Up Samsung Pay™

  • From the Home screen, go to Apps > Samsung Pay
  • Select ‘Add Card’
  • Use your camera to enter the info, or enter it manually
  • After your card is added, you will be prompted to CALL – 361-986-4500 or 800-622-3631 in order to complete the setup. Don’t worry, our amazing Contact Center Agents will take care of the final step!
Compatible Devices Complete card adding instructions

It’s Secure
Several layers of security features, including fingerprint authorization and built-in technology that monitors for signs of malicious behavior or vulnerabilities, ensure members can swipe or tap with confidence. Additionally, Samsung never stores or shares sensitive information or card numbers on the device or on their servers. Instead, an encrypted security code authorizes every purchase for added security and privacy.

Samsung Pay™ FAQs

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Will I receive a receipt after making a purchase with Samsung Pay?
How do I return a purchase if I used Samsung Pay as payment?
How can I keep track of purchases made with Samsung Pay?
When I add my NavyArmy debit card to Samsung Pay, it doesn't look like the card in my wallet. Why?
How can I add my card?
How many cards can I add into Samsung Pay?
How long will it take my card to activate after adding it to Samsung Pay?
Where can I get more information on Samsung Pay?

Don’t have a Samsung device? Check out ApplePay™ or Google Pay™

Lost or stolen device? Report it immediately: 800-622-3631