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Apple Pay™

Add Your NavyArmy Card Today

NavyArmy Apple Pay
Minimize time in the checkout line by going digital! Link your NavyArmy Debit Card with the Apple Pay™ mobile payment service. Then get ready for the ease and speed of life with a digital wallet. It’s easy to set up, it’s safe, and it’s accepted in over a million stores.

How to Setup Apple Pay™

  • Add your NavyArmy Debit Card to your Apple “Wallet”
  • After your card is added, you will be prompted to CALL – 361-986-4500 or 800-622-3631 in order to complete the setup. Don’t worry, our amazing Contact Center Agents will take care of the final step!

Apple Pay™ FAQS

Is this only available for iPhone 6?
Yes, you must have an iPhone 6, 6s or a later model to register your card.
Why do I have to call NavyArmy after I register my card?

Because we care about your financial security!

  • We want to protect our members from possible fraud.
  • This ensures that your cards cannot be loaded onto someone else’s phone.
  • A confirmation letter will be sent to you each time you register a card.
  • We have an after hours number available and we’re working on an updated greeting that will provide information to you should you decide to register your card after 2am.
How does it work?
Hold the top of your iPhone about an inch away from the contactless card reader and place your finger on the Touch ID. Your default card will be charged unless you specify another. It’s easy!
Is it secure?
Yes! When using Apple Pay, you do not need to open the app in order to pay. Retailers will no longer see your card information. Your card information is not stored within your iPhone or on Apple’s servers. Instead, it’s converted into a Device Account Number and stored in a secured chip that allows you to use your card, via Touch ID specific to your fingerprint, without releasing your information.

Don’t have an iPhone? Check out Google Pay or Samsung options.

Lost or stolen device? Report it immediately: 800-622-3631