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Bank By Phone

Digital Banking over your phone. Call 361-986-4555 or 800-622-3641.

You can perform transactions two ways:

  1. Speak to the operator- When speaking to the operator, be sure to speak clearly and slowly so that the system can understand.
  2. or punch in the codes via a touch-tone phone
Follow these Steps

  1. Dial 361-986-4555 or 800-622-3641
  2. After the prompt you can say “Account information” or press 1
    or “Merchant services” or press 2.
  3. After the prompt either say your account number or enter it by punching the keys of a touch-tone phone followed by “#.”
  4. The prompt will say “What is your PIN” (Your PIN is your Personal Identification Number.) Say your PIN or enter your PIN followed by “#.”
  5. The prompt will then ask you to input your transaction code and give you instructions to complete your transactions.

Once your mobile device is registered, you will receive a welcome SMS/Text from 226563.

Choose from the following:

  • “Account Balance” or press 1
  • “Account History” or press 2
  • “Transfer funds” or press 3
  • “Withdraw funds” or press 4
  • “Checks cleared” or press 5
  • “Other transactions” or press 9

Account Suffix

Bank by Phone voice prompt will ask you to identify your account by Suffix. The list below identifies your accounts by suffix.

  • 0# Share Account (savings)
  • 2# Share Draft Account (checking)
  • 6# Money Market Account
  • 7# IRA Account
  • Loan and Certificate suffixes are defined on quarterly statement.

SMS Text Banking

Get basic account info or find the nearest NavyArmy branch or ATM via text with SMS Text Banking from NavyArmy.
To access SMS Text Banking You Must ENROLL in Online Banking and Register Your Mobile Device.

How To Enroll in Text Banking
  1. Log into your Online or Mobile banking account
    a. Within Online Banking, under the Menu/Settings option, select Text Enrollment
    b. Select On and enter your mobile number phone number
    c. Select Agree To Terms box
    d. Select Save
  2. Visit Preferences
    a. Under Settings/Account Preferences you are able to manage account access.
    b. Manage which accounts you would like to access via SMS/Text
    c. View and Edit SMS/Text Display Name for accounts

You may also receive Text Alerts that you preset, such as letting you know when your balance reaches a designated amount. To set up Text Alerts log in to your Online/Mobile Banking, under Settings, select Text Enrollment to setup your preferences.

Mobile Texting Commands

SMS Text Command
Account Balance(s) BAL
View Transaction History HIST + Nickname
Find Nearby ATMs ATM + 5-digit zip code
Find Nearby Branch Locations BRANCH + 5-digit zip code
Transfer Money <XFER> <from account nickname> <to account nickname amount>
Display list of all text commands LIST


• Save 226563 (BANKME) to your phone contact list under “NavyArmy Text Banking.”
• Reply “HELP” to 226563 for help
• Reply “STOP” to 226563 to cancel